Benedictine College Fund

"The greatest asset of Benedictine College is its students."
– President Stephen D. Minnis

Why give to the Benedictine College Fund?

The Benedictine College Fund (formerly the Annual Fund) makes a direct investment in the lives of students. Your unrestricted gifts fund scholarships that make it possible for young men and women from around the world to study at Benedictine College.  The education they receive here develops them spiritually, mentally, and physically, and helps prepare them to transform the world.

Benedictine College was named a “best buy in faithfulness and affordability” by the Center for the Study of Catholic Higher Education. Our tuition is reasonable because we work hard to inspire generous support. The Benedictine College Fund makes this possible.

How can you support the Benedictine College Fund?

There are many ways to support the Benedictine College Fund.  Here are some suggestions:

If you’d like help determining the best way to support the Benedictine College Fund, call us at (800) 766-0078.